I’ve been pondering the idea of creating a weekly Sunday feature on Tiffany Tales for sometime, but I’ve never really worked out what I wanted to talk about. Well, I still haven’t exactly figured that out, but I thought perhaps we could work it out together. So I’ll ramble on and you guys can tell me what you like to hear about…

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Budget Plans For January

Today’s post is inspired by a text from Barclays kindly reminding me of my ever diminishing bank balance. I know, I know, this month there has been more than a few comments complaining about my lack of money, but seriously guys, I can’t even afford a Nandos right now. Roll on pay day, that’s all I’m saying!  So faced with…

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ASOS Activewear Wish List

So according to social media, today is the most depressing day of the year. Apparently the combination of gloomy grey skies, being back at work and having very little dollar in the bank has transformed what would ordinarily be the 16th of January into Blue Monday. So to beat the blues I decided a little online window-shopping was in order…

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Night In Essentials

Brrrrr! Has this weather got anyone else reaching for a cosy blanket and a mug of hot chocolate? Between dry January, the weather and my lack of funds, any plans to leave the house have been officially cancelled until February. Tonight’s schedule consists of a hot date with a few of my favourite pamper products… and Gilmore Girls (I’m obsessed!). First up it’s…

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Tips & Advice

Tips For Surviving Dry January

We all start January off with the best of intentions, new year, new me, blah blah blah. Well as always apart from setting myself a few slightly unrealistic resolutions, I’m taking part in Dry January. Now I’m normally pretty good at staying dry, but after a lousy first week back at work, even I’m fighting the instinct to dive head first…

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