Welcome to Tiffany Tales!

Hi, I’m Tiffany, how’d you do?

I’m the writer and creator of this little patch of cyber space. I’m a self-confessed beauty addict, occasional globetrotter, fashion lover and unashamed foodie. Essentially, Tiffany Tales is my creative outlet for my never-ending ramblings.

On Tiffany Tales you’ll find a mixture of beauty and fashion – from high end to high street. But there will always be a couple of lifestyle posts chucked in for good measure. I try to post at least three times a week, but a girls gotta’ hold down a full time job, so you can’t hold me to that.

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  • Mila S

    Hahah absolutely love this! “About Me”s like this make me smile
    Love love lovvvee your theme and the blog in general!

    Keep doin your thing girl, you’re doing amazing! xx

    x Mila

  • Rebecca Rogers

    How gorgeous are you?!?!?! Both your hair & eye colours are insaneee.

    Rebecca | ceruleanshe.com

  • You look amazing !xxx