Will you be my Valentine? Style Guide

Valentine’s, you either love it or hate it right?

I mean, I feel like people are more divided on this than the age old debate as to whether Marmite is bloody amazing or bloody disgusting.

I must admit, I was in the hate camp for quite some time. Potentially because I was single and slighting miffed about the lack of roses at my door come Valentine’s morning, but in more recent years I’ve come to kinda’ love it. Not for the cringe-worthy cards or over-priced bouquets, but for the fact that a day celebrating love whether it’s with your boyfriend, best friend, Mum or Grandma can only be a good thing,

So in the spirit of spreading the love, I thought I’d do a style post with a Valentine’s twist… 

How to style a pink leather skirt for Valentine’s Day.

***Spoiler alert, if pink isn’t your bag, you may as well click away now.

The Girly Girl

As we know, dates can be a bloody nightmare. Unlike us girls, boys generally aren’t down for the whole – what are you wearing convo. So when it comes to a date, you have to be pretty good at judging the vibe, cause as we know, what you’d wear to cocktails and what you’d wear to the cinema are two very different things.

That being said, I feel like this look is a happy in-between. It’s dressy enough for a bar, but casual enough (with a cardigan of course) for a cute lunch date. Being dipped in candy floss pink might not be a look for everyone, but it’s the perfect way to embrace your inner girly girl this Valentine’s.

The Slogan Tee 

Is there much cooler than a slogan tee? The right one can instantly sass up an otherwise quite ordinary outfit. New Look have some amazing ones right now, including a whole loada’ options for Valentines or Galentines. I feel like my wardrobe could easily do with one of each!

I’ve partnered up this J’adore tee* with the oh so adorable pastel pink skirt* and my fave pair of vans. Perfect for a more chilled date with your gal pals or loverrrr.  Oh and don’t forget to accessorise! Not to blow New Look’s trumpet too much, but they also have some rather gorgeous accessories in their collection right now.

So, if you haven’t got any plans for Valentine’s, don’t panic, as I’ve forgotten to mention one more person who deserves a little love this Valentines…


Every now and again it’s important to remind yourself of why you’re amazing, it can be harder to do than it sounds! So pour yourself a glass of wine, hop into a bubble bath (or whatever your thang is) and give yourself a compliment or two.

Here, I’ll start…

I love being me because – well if I don’t, who else will?

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