5 Fail Safe Ways To Improve Your Mood

Do you ever get in that weird state of mind where no matter what, you’ve just got the hump? Happens to the best of us ay! You just can’t put your finger on it, but there is something that is not vibing on your happiness meter. Well beauts, I thought I’d share with you my five fail safe methods to turn that frown upside down. Can I get a high five for that cliché?

1. Pamper Yo’ Self

If I’m ever feeling a little bit blugh (for want of a better word), one of my favourite things to do is indulge in a little beauty therapy. Whether that’s treating myself to a manicure or chilling with a book and face mask, having a little ‘me time’ does wonders for my mood. However, there is one product that will ALWAYS make me feel instantly better and that’s a quick application of my fave fake tan. There’s just something about getting your glow on, that makes you look 100% times better and as shallow as this may sound, when I look a bit better, I tend to feel a bit better too.

Hit The Gym

If I’m in a bad mood, then there is nothing better than smashing a workout, particularly if someone has really annoyed me! You can quite literally sweat out all those negative feelings and fill your body with positive energy and thoughts. Going to the gym regularly is the best thing you can possibly do for your state of mind.

The Shops Are Calling

I am so guilty of going on a massive spending bender if something has gone wrong. It’s probably not the most productive way of dealing with your problems, but hey, what can I say, new shoes make me happy. As long as you’re not getting yourself into debt, treating yourself to a wardrobe update will definitely help improve your mood.

Get Away From It All

Sometimes life can just get a bit much and you simply need a break. Recently, I’ve felt like working, blogging, instagramming and the general day to day of life was getting on top of me. I was pretty damn close to deleting this blog and my Instagram alongside it! But instead, I took a deep breath and went away for a few weeks.

Funnily enough, as soon as I took the pressure of my posting schedule away and let my mind toy with the idea of a world without Tiffany Tales, I felt inspired again. I think it’s so important to remember that we all need a break every now and again. Getting away from work/life, whether that’s physically jumping on a jet or just taking a mental break, is bloody good for you.

Smile More

Sometimes all it takes to improve your mood is a change of perspective. When you’re in a bad mood it can be easy to get into a negative mind set, but if you take a deep breath, put on a happy playlist and simply smile, it can be hard work to stay in that funk. I’m pretty sure I heard that it burns more calories to smile than to frown, so it’s a win win all round really.