Has Your Makeup Gone Off?

I’m a stickler for throwing sh*t out. Clothes, food, important post (whoops). I just hate having drawers full of stuff I simply don’t use or need. With one exception… makeup.

Going through my makeup collection can be a little bit like taking a walk down memory lane. A neon pink lipstick from Nicki Minaj’s Mac collection and an oh so orange bronzer from my over-tanned uni days. Why I keep this stuff is beyond me, but it suddenly dawned on me… surely it’s gone off? Well, that’s if makeup does go off?

I did a little research and apparently using products past their sell by date can be just as bad as eating gone off food! Pretty gross right? Now I’m sure a lot of you beauty junkies are totally aware of how to check a product’s sell by date, but for those of you who don’t, here’s what you need to know.

The majority of beauty products will last you anywhere between 3 months to 2 years. With the exception of fragrance, which apparently can still be going strong 10 years later – although I can’t imagine you particularly love the scent if a bottle lasts you 10 years. BUT ANYWAY, ignoring an expiration date just to keep hold of your favourite shade of lippie, will not only mean that it will work less efficiently, but it could end up doing more damage than you’d think.

How to tell if your makeup has gone off?

Over time the consistency and smell of a product will change. They start to dry out, change colour, go clumpy and basically just not work as well as they once did. It’s not just their appearance that will change, the active ingredients inside such as skincare ingredients or SPF’s can stop working all together. Essentially rendering your anti-ageing SPF face cream useless.

Now for the really gross bit… From the minute you open a product it will start to collect bacteria, but as time goes on, this bacteria can start to reach dangerous levels. So using a foundation 2 years on, could not only lead to a less than flawless application, but could actually cause skin irritation, breakouts, infection and a whole loada’ other un-pleasantries. I mean, it’s just not worth peeps.

As a rule, the majority of your skincare and makeup will have a life span of about a year, but things like mascara need changing every 3 months where as something like a lipstick can last you up to 2 years. Always check the PAO label on each product, to ensure that just like your fridge, your makeup collection is fresh AF.

Excuse me while I go and have a MAJOR clear out. RIP Nicki Minaj lipstick, it’s been fun.