I’m doing it for the Gram

Holy crap, I feel inspired to write for a change. I’m not going to lie guys, I’ve been thinking about chucking this whole blogging gig in.

I’ve never been someone who massively struggles to think of content. In fact, a quick flick through my old school reports will tell you that “shutting up” is far more my issue than not having enough to say. But for some unknown reason, my idea jar seems rather empty of late. But since this post just popped into my head, I’m running with it.

I thought we’d chat about Instagram. My favourite app of all time, yet also something that drives me completely round the bloody bend. I’m currently in my hotel room, having spent the afternoon sunbathing on a beautiful Aussie beach. But rather than enjoying the moment, I’ve spent my time stressing that that I’d have no way of capturing that exact moment in my usual insta-friendly manner. I mean, first world problems or what ey!

As I took a dip in the ocean it hit me, as these things often do, that I need to stop worrying about Instagram. I’m not talking about worrying about my follower count, or whether my Grid is flowing correctly or any of the usual stuff we worry about. I’m talking about the never-ending need to capture every single aspect of my life. I’m here on a hot AF beach, with white sand and gorgeous blue skies. Does getting a picture of that to put on Insta make it any more fun or beautiful? No. Does it mean I wasn’t here? Of course not.

It’s all about perspective and so I’m going to adopt a new one from today onwards. Well try to anyway…

Not everything I do needs to go online, even if it is insta-worthy.

I want to start living in the moment a lot more. Stop putting pressure on myself to create content every single day and appreciate the opportunities that come my way – I mean, how many people can say they’ve been sent on an all expenses paid trip to Australia TWICE! Who gives a crap if I don’t have 1000 blogger style pics to document it? I have memories, stories and a whole load of adventures to think back on.

There are so many things I’ve bought or done that have been purely for the Gram. I’ve even let food go cold, just to get the best possible snap (much to the bf’s fury) – I know I’m not the only one and come to think of it there’s a few people who’ve ordered food they know they won’t even like, just for the picture! But it’s okay cause they’re “doing it from the Gram hun”.

Yes I need content. It’s pretty damn hard to be content creator without doing just that! Even if I gave it all up tomorrow, I’m sure you’d still find me in a local café taking a snap of a pretty coffee, because I love what I do. It’s more about learning to be a little more care free and every now and again and enjoying the moment without wondering the best way to capture it for the Gram.

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