Beauty Resolutions for 2018

Helloooooo 2018.

How are we all? Well I hope! I for one, am super excited that January has arrived. The Christmas decs are away (although to be honest, they went down on the 27th, but don’t judge me) and I’m about to start a juice cleanse. Yep, it’s time for the post-Christmas detox! Anyway, with less time spent eating, I’ve got no excuse but to jump straight back into a lil’ bit of blogging. Beauty blogging to be precise. I seem to have hopped onto the lifestyle train towards the latter part of the year, but as much as I love writing all about the randomness that is life, I think beauty needs to make a reappearance.

So beauty chat, where shall we start? Perhaps with a couple of beauty resolutions for 2018…

Stop Using Face Wipes

My my people, this is a big one! With my discovery of Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser, I will officially be kissing (pretty much) goodbye to face wipes. We all know they’re bad for your skin – and the environment come to think of it, but they’re just so damn convenient! My plan is to save them only for those nights when I’m just too exhausted (or perhaps too intoxicated) to remove my makeup properly. Other than that, I plan to be double cleansing all the way through 2018.

Get Creative With Makeup

For someone with more than her fair share of makeup, boy can I be bloody boring with it. A bronze eye and a nude lip anyone? Jezzz Tiffany, there has to be more you can do. Well I am making a promise to myself to get more creative and shake up my makeup. I brought in the new year with a big set of gorgeous lashes* from, accompanied with a smokey eye and pink lip, so watch this space.

Find A Skincare Regime That Works

Getting to try lots of different beauty products is great fun and all, but your skin may not always appreciate it. For 2018 I am planning on sticking with the products I already know and love and seeing if that sorts out any unpleasant blemish breakouts and dry patches! Here’s a few of my current faves…

Get More Beauty Sleep

I’m a big fan of a lay in, but when it comes to going to bed, I find that I generally can’t switch my brain off (or my mouth, much to by bf’s dismay!). Getting a good night’s sleep really is the key to looking and feeling your best. Apparently sleep is even proven to help increase your metabolism, which in turn helps you to lose weight – excuse me while I go to bed immediately!

If you can sometimes struggle to sleep, why not try investing in a sleep spray. I recently tried the Tropics Skincare So Sleepy Pillow Mist* which is infused with lavender, designed to relax your mind and help you drift off. The great thing about this product is unlike some pillow sprays, this is definitely more of a mist. In other words, it doesn’t drench your pillow! It simply leaves a light mist on the top layer and releases the beautiful, spa-like scent.

Have you set any beauty resolutions for 2018?