Peggy Porschen, London

A short stroll away from Victoria Underground Station, you’ll discover a perfectly pink, blogger paradise. Adorned in fairy lights, beautiful, seasonal decorations and a rather large queue of camera clad bloggers.

Ah Peggy Porschen, you are the place of Instagram dreams.

When you arrive, you’re given the choice of inside or out, although given the wait for an inside table, it’s no surprise to see so many snaps from the outside. We also opted for outside and were given cute, cosy blankets to snuggle up in and pink menus to browse.

There are definitely not as many snaps as I would have liked in this post, but there is a very good reason for that… we had boys with us. Because we’d visited Peggy P on our way to Winter Wonderland, my friend and I had our bf/husbands in tow and, well, as I’m sure you can imagine, this is one cake shop that your average ‘lads, lads, lads’ are not going to be too keen on visiting – despite the promise of endless cake. So it was a flying visit to say the least!

Anyhoo, we ordered our coffees, hot chocolates and a whole loada’ cake and greedily awaited its arrival…

I’m not one to really give a bad review, but equally I don’t want to lie to you guys either. Yes, it is the prettiest café in town – there is no denying that. The coffees arrived, perfectly dusted and the cakes looked like something from a Disney story book. Yep, looking perfect is something Peggy P may just go down in history for. But that is where the perfection ends…

For the 4 of us we ordered a slice of the iconic Pink Prosecco cake, for a whopping £7.95 I may add, as well as two slices of the Rose & Lemon cake, a strawberry tart and a brownie. We each had one coffee/hot choc and the bill came to over £50. I wouldn’t normally complain about prices, but OUCH. The cakes were also quite dry and the coffee was kinda’ bitter…. I mean, that’s pretty poor for a place that just serves coffee and cake right?

I’m not going to moan on too much, because I don’t actually think the quality of the cake is why we visit Peggy Porschen. In fact, I don’t even like cake and I still wanted to go, which says it all ay.

So in short, if you’re going for the gram, you’ll bloody love it! You’ll get the all the iconic pics – the place is literally Instagram goals. However, if you’re a big foodie? I think you may end up a little disappointed.


  • wow this place looks incredible, perfect for Instagram pictures! The cake looks so delicious xx

  • Isabelle Collins

    This place actually looks incredible, deffo may have to go for a little visit just for the gram haha x

  • This place is so cute!!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  • When we first started seeing pictures of Peggy Porschen I desperately wanted to go there – but it’s been so hyped up, that I’ve kind of lost all motivation to go haha. I see it too often now that I don’t think it’s actually worth the hype. Also, thanks for being completely honest! The price of the cake is madness, considering the size of the slice too! I’ve had more generous servings for a lot less money. It’s a pity that they seem to rely mostly on their Instagram fame!
    However they do know how to make the place look gorgeous, definitely!

    Julia x
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  • Rebecca Jenkins

    I’m probably going to try & drop by there for a visit when I’m in London in May, even if just for Instagram. Although personally I love my coffee bitter which probably isn’t what most people like. The prices seem pretty expensive though, although there is quite a lot of Australian places that are up around there in price.

  • Wow that’s pretty expensive for a slice of cake! Thanks for your honesty on the quality of the food Tiffany. It does look like such a charming and aesthetically pleasing place. It’s a shame that the cake and coffee weren’t as great as you expected. Beautiful pictures! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  • I have seen so many pictures of this little cafe and I can’t get enough of them, its such a scenic place!

  • I’ve been down to London so much in the past year but still never visited this little place! The decor looks gorgeous, such a shame you didn’t think the cakes tasted so good. I guess you’re paying for aesthetic of its look really.

    Toni x

  • Such gorgeous pictures! I’m still yet to visit here – I’m dying to go! x