Fragrance – The Ultimate Christmas Gift

If you’re struggling with things to put on your wish list this year, whether you’re a gal or a guy, there is always one fail safe option… Fragrance. And what’s more at this time of year, it’s even easier to find the perfect option as there are so many ready-made Luxury Fragrance Gift Sets.

If you’re buying for yourself.

When it comes to finding the perfect scent, I feel like online shopping can be a little bit hit or miss. Yes you can read a blog post, the product description and/or fall head over heels with the packaging, but you’re never going to be completely sure exactly how it smells until you’ve tested it. After all, one of the most amazing things about perfume is the way it personalises to your skin.

One of the best places to trial new scents is in a fancy fragrance hall, they literally have hundreds to choose from. Once you’ve found your new signature scent, (if you can convince yourself to put it back down), head back online and find yourself a deal – Debenhams currently have 15% off luxury fragrances.

If you’re buying for someone else.

Buying a fragrance for a friend or family member is a tricky business indeed. There are those that are super fussy about what they spritz (I would fall into this category) and then there are others that will happily try any perfume that falls into their lap. One of my besties so happens to fall into that last category, so she generally inherits at least 2 – 3 perfumes a year off me.

The easiest option when it comes to buying for someone else is to go for something you know they already love. Similarly to your fave foundation, people will generally like to stick with what they know, so nobody is going to be ungrateful when the unwrap a new bottle of their must-have scent.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, know the types of notes they’re going to love or perhaps they’re one of those happy ‘I’ll use anything types’, then here are my top suggestions this Christmas.