Tips For Getting Festive, When You’re Just Not Feeling It

The festive season has officially arrived, which means you’re either already half way through your first (ahem, second) packet of mince pies, whilst wearing a Christmas jumper and wrapping the presents you bought in September or you’re casually trying to pretend it’s still November.

When you’re a kid, there wasn’t much more exciting than the thought of Christmas. Fast forward into adult life and come the end of November, some of us are probably fed up with the dark evenings, tired from work and contemplating how to afford Christmas based on the ever-so-devastating balance of our bank accounts. Am I right?

Well beauts, there is hope, because up until this weekend I was feeling exactly the same! However after a weekend of taking my own advice and jumping into all things Christmas feet first, I’m feeling a whole lot less Scroogey. So if you want to embrace that festive feeling, but you’re struggling to find your inner elf shall we say, here’s just a couple of things you can try.

Dec The Halls

I absolutely love decorating the house for Christmas. It immediately puts me in a good mood and transports me back to being a kid and decorating the fam’s tree. It was always one of my favourite things to do, even though I’m pretty sure either my brother or I (sometimes both) would be sent to bed for fighting over who gets to hang what on the tree and other general bad behaviour. Anyway, if you’re anything like me, you’ll find blasting up the Xmas tunes and covering your house in twinkly lights, pretty baubles and the occasional reindeer head – the newest addition to my personal grotto – will get even the grumpiest of us feeling a whole load more… fa la la la la.

Make New Traditions

A lot of the excitement when you’re little comes from traditions. Whether that’s putting up the tree together, your Christmas Eve routine or the annual trip to the local Christmas lights switch on. I’ve found once you move out of your family home, traditions can easily disappear and that can mean you aren’t actually doing anything festive, so it’s no surprise you don’t feel very festive. This year I’m determined to create a few Christmas traditions of my own – much to the bf’s (the OG – the original gangster Grinch) delight.

Get Into The Spirit

I’m talking the ones in your cupboard, I find they’re a little easier to get into than the actual Christmas spirit. Once the party season begins, why not kick it off with just that? Invite a few of your besties over and whip up a batch of festive cocktails. Last weekend I created this tasty little number, featuring a splash of pink gin, Corky’s Raspberry Liquor* and cranberry juice. PLUS to make things extra Christmassy, the Corky’s features glitter – I know how freakin’ amazing is that?! If you want to pick yourself up a bottle (or two), they’re available online and in store at your local Morrisons.

Watch Something Festive

You don’t have to head out into the carnage of Winter Wonderland to feel festive, in fact those crowds generally have me feeling the opposite. On Saturday night, I cooked a delicious dinner, poured a (hugeeee) glass of red wine and watched Home Alone for the first time. I hear you gasp at that last bit. I honestly have no idea how I’ve never seen that movie – especially considering it must be on at LEAST 4 times a year. Spending time at home, in your fave loungewear and watching Christmas fuelled Netflix is way more up my street than going to any crowded, cold market – bah humbug to that!

Start Buying Presents

I find that if I haven’t started Christmas shopping, I can find the thing rather overwhelming. This is where is helps to get organised. Being the control freak that I am, Christmas begins on a spreadsheet. I breakdown budgets and start an inspiration list for everyone. I realise this doesn’t sound very festive, but it massively helps to take away some of the money/what the hell to buy stress. I normally start to get even more excited once I’ve got a couple of presents under my belt. Is it just me, or does anyone else find giving presents way more exciting than receiving them?

Do Something Good

This year I have really struggled with my Christmas wish list. Of course I can always find things I want, who among us can’t? But is there anything I really need? Of course not. I am in the very fortune position, that pretty much anything (within reason here) I want/need I can go out and buy. So many of us buy each other a gift, just because the other person is buying them a gift. The result? A whole drawer of stuff you simple don’t need. This year I have cut back on the presents and have instead decided to donate some of my Christmas budget to a worthy cause. I’m not saying it’s going to make you feel festive, it made me feel a little emotional if I’m being honest, but doing something good at Christmas is going to form part of those new traditions I mentioned earlier.

How are you getting into the spirit this year?