5 Easy Wardrobe Updates This Season

When oh when will I learn to stop throwing things out! A few years ago, I had a couple of gorgeous faux fur jackets, but then the minute they went out of style, bam, the charity shop inherited them. Now they’re back in and guess what, I’m trawling the net for the perfect faux jacket… AGAIN. So anyway, the reason I’m babbling on (I’ll get there eventually) is that I’ve put together a little guide to updating your wardrobe this season – one of which includes faux fur, hence the random blather.

The start of a new season can always be a little confusing. There are SO many different products and styles available, making the decisions on how to update your wardrobe, a very tricky business indeed. So I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5 trends, that will instantly transform your wardrobe.

Something Red

If there is one hue that is literally everywhere this season, it’s red. Unless we’re talking lip colour, I normally avoid it like the plague. But there are so many different tones of red this autumn, that it’s even started to invade my wardrobe – and my Instagram theme for that matter. The trend, according to Vogue, is to go tip to toe in red. Personally, I think that’s a look best left for Santa Claus, but if you’re one of those rare fashion angels that can sass anything up (we all know a few) I encourage you to go for it. For the rest of us mere mortals, try introducing the colour slowly. Maybe through a beret, some ankle boots or a jumper. I warn you though, it seems red is somewhat addictive. Once you have one piece, you’ll soon start building up your collection.

Over the Knee

So I went to a blogger event on Monday and it was a total… did you not get the style memo moment. Literally every girl was rocking a pair of over the knee boots! Luckily, you won’t have to face the same dilemma as no matter what your style, there are a pair of boots out there for you. Whether you’re fancying a slouchy fit, high heeled, low heeled or neon pink, there are hundreds of options. I picked up this gorgeous pair of black suede beauts* from Missy Empire and (except for that damn blogger event) I’ve been pretty much living in them. I don’t know about you, but a pair of over the knee boots makes me feel instantly sassier and I’m all for feeling as sassy as possible.

Check Mate

Checks are HUGE this season – not literally of course, literally any size of check is on point right now. You’ll find checks on trousers, long coats, scarves… well pretty much anything actually. Topshop have some gorgeous checked tailored trousers in at the moment and they’re so perfect for office attire, but also great if you fancy mixing up your weekend style. PLUS they’re way more comfy than jeans, so win, win.

Faux Fur For President  

Too much? Maybe, but I’m a little obsessed right now. Faux fur has completely taken over my Insta feed! I’ve seen Cookie Monster blue coats, pink fluffy gilets and gorgeous bags adorned with fuzz. But as faux fur is becoming more of a winter must than a trend, why has it made it onto the post? Well because this year, it’s not just about the fluff. It’s about adding some colour to your wardrobe. So if you’re going to buy into faux fur this season, opt for bold ‘look at me’ colours such as dark green, burgundy or leopard print.

To Cap It Off  

Finally, let’s talk accessories. The hat of the moment is hands down the baker boy cap. I picked up mine from Brandy & Melville in Covent Garden as it fit my MASSIVE head perfectly. Just like the boots we talked about earlier, a cap instantly changes the feel of an outfit. Taking something that is ordinarily quite simple, to effortless cool. The other great thing about a cap is that it flawlessly hides a bloody awful hair day. Just whack your locks in a messy side braid or low pony and chuck on your hat. Job done.