Staying Golden During Winter

Just because the weather is gloomy AF, doesn’t mean that you can’t get your tan on. No matter what the season, giving you skin a golden makeover will immediately make you feel better. That’s one of my favourite things about a tan, it literally works with any outfit… well, unless you’re Wednesday Addams, but you can’t please everyone right?

Now you may be thinking, what’s the difference between tanning in summer to winter? Well beauts, while the application is pretty much the same, there are a few additional rules to follow once the grey skies and the chill set in.

Swap Foams For Oils

As skin tends to be a little drier in colder months, switching to a tanning oil will help your tan to last longer. I have recently started using Bondi Sand’s Liquid Gold Dry Oil and I’m completely head over heels with it. The tan it develops is freaking gorgeous and so so golden. I know tans always get described as golden, but this one really is! Plus it’s enriched with Argan Oil which helps to smooth and hydrate the skin, so it ticks all the winter tanning boxes.

Go For A Subtle Shade

In the height of summer you can easily fake a darker tan, but it may start to look a little out of place in the doom and gloom of winter. So instead, opt for a tan that will make you look radiant, rather than super bronzed. A gradual tan such as James Read’s Sleep Mask is perfect for this.

Only Tan What Is On Show

I recently heard this type of tanning referred to as patchwork tanning – totally stealing that one. Anyway, when it’s cold outside, the idea of stripping off and tanning your full body can be a little – brrrrr, screw that. So instead I just tan the parts of my body I know that will be on show. Whether that’s just face and neck or face and legs. It honestly makes the whole tanning saga so much easier to bear.

Add A Little Sparkle

What’s party season without a little sparkle ay? Boring that’s what! Just like you might makeover your mani with a bit of glitter, why not do the same to your skin? The Nuxe Shimmering Dry Oil is my ultimate go-to for glossy pins with a subtle, but oh so pretty sparkle.