Glossier Haul – The Review

So it would appear that it’s been well over a week since my last post. The joys of working full time and blogging, ay! Especially now we seem to get approx. 2 hours of sun light a day – I exaggerate of course – but with a packed out work schedule, blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. However, I have a free weekend ahead of me and a dauntingly high pile of content to get through, so I thought I’d spend some time tied to my keyboard. Please send me motivating thoughts and coffee. Always send coffee.

Anyhoo, today’s post is a rather delayed, but promised review of my very first Glossier haul. Being my first order, for once in my life I exerted a little restraint and kept it fairly small. So as I’ve already done a blog post and a YouTube vid confessing my new found love for Glossier, I’m going to jump straight in and talk about the products.

As you know I’m a total fan girl for highlight. So naturally when I saw the glowy goodness that is Haloscope, it was straight in my basket. Unlike an ordinary highlight, these sticks leave a beautiful sheen to the skin. Perfect if you’re not into shimmery finishes. It’s hard to see in the snaps, but the middle is made up of a vitamin-enriched moisturiser, which allows the product to glide onto the skin and hydrate at the same time. I picked up the shade Moonshine, which is the whitest of the three shades and gives the most natural, slightly sweaty looking glow. That may sound a little weird, but I can’t get enough.

I also picked up one of the oh so cute Cloud Paints. I went for the shade Dusk as I already have so many pinks in my blush collection and fancied something a little more autumnal. I’m not a massive fan of cream blushes and unsurprisingly, this was no exception to the rule. It’s a lovely colour and it’s also pretty sheer, which makes it buildable and slightly easier to use. I just don’t think I’d ever opt for it over a powder alternative.

Another Glossier cult fave is the Balm Dotcom lip balms. Their seriously gorgeous packaging is enough to have anyone lusting after them tbh. I went for the sheer Mint balm, forever being a sucker for mint anything – especially ice cream! I think it’s perfect for those no makeup days, which as I work from home, I have many of. It just adds an instant flick of glossy hydration to the lips, which come winter we are all gunna’ need a load of!

Last up is Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. OF COURSE I had to get my hands on this one, it’s probably their bestseller and definitely their most talked about product. For someone who barely uses cleanser (I know, I know), I didn’t hold out much hope for this to convince me to finally ditch the makeup wipes. Well big news folks, I’m converted. The makeup wipes have been stashed in the cupboard and I’ve been using this ever since.

I personally use this on dry skin, although I’m sure you can use it on wet if you’d prefer. The jelly like formula smells beautiful and glides onto the skin, effortlessly removing dirt and makeup. Unlike some cleansers or wipes that leave your skin feeling tight and dry, this gentle gel has the complete opposite effect. Your skin will be left feeling healthy and soft, in fact it feels so soft, I’ve been moisturising less as my skin simple doesn’t need it.

Have you tried Glossier yet? If not, treat yourself to 10% off your first order here.