What’s In My Bag | Gucci Soho Disco

It would appear that I’ve taken an accidental 12 month break from YouTube. I was on a bit of a roll at one point last year, but then I seemed to completely lose my mojo with it. Well big news guys, I’m back… for now anyway. I think if I take another 12 month break, then it’s time to hit the old delete button on my channel, but before I do that I thought I’d give it one last go.

So as there was one video on my channel that has done particularly well, 17K views, thank you veryyyy much, I thought I’d do something similar. So here it is in all its basic YouTube glory, a what’s in my bag on the much-loved Gucci Soho Disco bag. The bag that is without a doubt, the best wardrobe investment I’ve ever made.