Body Confidence: The Never-Ending Journey

As a blogger do you ever worry that if people see you in real life, they won’t recognise you? Not that my photos are edited AF or anything, but let’s be honest, they are the very best version of me. I mean, that’s defs not the version the postman sees every morning, poor bugger.

I think self confidence, or perhaps lack of, is something we all struggle with. Especially those of us who choose to slap pictures of ourselves up on the old internet every day. Funny isn’t it, that some would perceive that as having bags of confidence, but it’s really not always the case. It took me a good few years before I started sharing style pics with you guys, I was so worried about being judged…

Am I fashionable enough?

Am I thin enough?

Am I pretty enough?

At school I was never a cool kid. I was slightly dumpy with bright ginger hair and while I’ve never had an issue being a red head, the school playground is never the kindest. With the exception of one or two, after school I never really spoke to anyone from that place again. I grew up, I changed, I got focused on what I wanted out of life and met so many inspiring people on the way. But while those changes came with a new sense of self, I still have plenty of moments where I can question everything.

Ask a girl to name 5 things she hates about her body and she will reel them off in 2 seconds, ask that same girl to name five things she loves? Well I’d struggle to get past number 2 without having to really think hard. How insane is that? We’re so trained to see the flaws in ourselves, rather than the good. Yet ask a friend or even a stranger to comment on you? I can bet (unless they’re a horrible human being) that they’d get to 5, without even hitting an ‘um’.

So what’s the point in this rambling post? I’ll get there eventually ey, always do.

I was recently sent the most gorgeous lingerie set, from the guys over at UK Lingerie. They have an insane collection of designer underwear, so if you’re into your lingerie, head over there and get ready to shop! When this gorgeous Mimi Hoillday set* arrived through the post, I was immediately sent into a spiral of panic – how the hell am I going to create a picture of this?  Sure, I could have done a pretty flat lay, but that definitely wasn’t going to do this set justice. After all, look at that racer back. Nope, this set had to be worn.

Posting these snaps is a bit of a big deal for me. Although I am a lot more self confident these days, I am far from body confident. Going back to that list of negative things we could reel of, I could give you at least 12 right now. But the older I get, the more I’m trying to embrace my body. Yep, my thighs and butt could certainly do with slimming, but it’s about making the best of yourself. Whether that’s through hitting the gym, eating right or dressing for your shape. I don’t look like a Victoria Secret model and I’m okay with that. But although it’s hard to believe, even those body goddesses will have confidence issues! As always, the biggest problems with confidence come from comparison. One of my favourite quotes is…

Admire someone else’s beauty, without questioning your own.

There really are no truer words guys. Think about it, would ever you look at a flamingo and think it should look more like peacock? Of course not, that would be insane.  Both are completely different, but both are beautiful in their own right. That same logic applies you and me, we just sometimes need to remind ourselves of it.