Saying Goodbye To Summer

Hello beauts, I hope you’ve had an amazing week. Anyone got a big, fat case of TGIF? I know I certainly have, although I’ve got so much blogging to do this weekend. So I guess the work continues, life of small time blogger ay!

Anyway, this post probably should have gone up a couple of weeks ago, but I so wasn’t ready to post it. I really did think September would brighten up and summer would re-appear, but along with Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spiced Latte, autumn has arrived.

So before I can celebrate all things autumn, I feel like I need to say a proper goodbye to summer. And what better way than spinning around in THE most beautiful dress? I personally feel like this summer deserves a speeding ticket. I mean seriously, blink and you’d have missed it. But despite that. it’s been a blast, full of friends, Aperol Spritz, festivals and wayyy too many BBQs. On second thoughts, perhaps I should be welcoming jumper season after all?

So, let’s say goodbye to…


Well, not all light, obviously! But I think every blogger, whether they love autumn or not, is going to miss the hell out of the amount of light summer brings. Sunny mornings and gorgeously long evenings, make content creating dreamy. Funny isn’t it, that although the summer days are longer, it’s winter that seems to drag out forever and a day.

Outdoor Activities

No matter what the season, you never can quite rely on the good old English weather, but there is always a sunny spell or two, where the bbq comes out, the garden furniture is dusted of cobwebs and you can spend a few hazy evenings outdoors. I’ve also made a bit of an annual event of hitting up the local outdoor cinema. If you haven’t been to a Luna Cinema yet, make sure you book up for next year. It’s so retro and cute, you’ll just love it.

Ice Cream

Yeah I know this is available all year round, but heading to the beach and picking up a scoop or two is just so basic bitch summer, that it has to be done right? Ice cream in winter is reserved for movie nights and break ups and eaten in the only acceptable way… straight outta’ the tub!!

Lightweight Dressing

While I’ll agree winter fashion is definitely more flattering – like I said, a cosy knit really can hide a multitude of sins – there is something so amazing about chucking on a tee dress and a pair of cute sandals and heading off to town. You instantly feel so much lighter on your feet.

Amazing Moods

Isn’t everyone just generally a bit happier in the sunshine?  There’s defo something to be said about the Aussie’s and their positive outlook on life and you can bet your bottom dollar, that it’s got something to do with all that sunshine they’re taking in. A sun-kissed glow, plenty of fresh salads and a jug of Pimm’s or two… yep, I can definitely see why I’m happier in the summer.

Outdoor Washing

As if I’m even going to include this in here, but screw it. Summer is so good when it comes to having a place to hang the washing. I bloody hate those clothes horse things and so the minute the sun appears, all washing is immediately banished to the garden.

Summer Holidays

While there is something super satisfying about escaping for a spot of winter sun, I’m not sure anything really beats a true summer holiday. Jumping on a plane and heading to sunny Spain or beautiful Greece – sign me up! Plus when you touch back down in the UK, there’s only a 50% chance you’ll be met by rain. That really does make your holiday blues all the more bearable.

Afternoon Drinking

Did I save the best till last? Or perhaps that’s because I’m developing an alcohol problem! But it seems these days that summer drinking is just a given. If you suggested early afternoon cocktail sesh in winter, you’d definitely receive a disapproving look or two. But in summer? Whether it’s in a pub garden, rooftop bar or your own back garden, pretty much everyone is game for a drink or three.

Are you sad to see summer go? Or are you ready to embrace a new season?