Fighting Early Signs Of Ageing: Jurlique Herbal Recovery

Anti-ageing skincare messages are everywhere. On billboards, on the TV, through the radio and splashed across pretty much any glossy mag you pick up. While we all know the importance of looking after our skin, it can be tricky to know what creams and serums suit you. Especially when you might be too young to have any noticeable signs of ageing. If that sounds familiar, then you’re going to want to hear all about Jurlique’s latest launch.

Introducing the Herbal Recovery range, especially formulated to target the first signs of ageing and give you that all important, fresh faced glow.

For those of you who don’t know, Jurlique are a beautiful skincare brand and perhaps best known for the refreshing rose water mist. It’s literally my ultimate summer must have (you can read more about it here). Their collections are always filled with freakin’ gorgeous fragrances, luxe ingredients and offer some of the best results in town. The Herbal Recovery range is no different.

I don’t know about you, but since hitting 25, my skin definitely requires a little more TLC. If I don’t cleanse, tone and moisturise, boy do I see a difference. Long gone are the days of my late teens, where you’d have been lucky if I used a day cream, let alone a night serum. If only I could go back and explain the importance of a good skincare regime, but I had bigger fish to fry back then; mainly recovering from Red Bull Wednesdays in time to make Treble Thursday – uni life ay! I never realised that just because you haven’t got any signs of ageing, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using skincare. After all, prevention is better than cure, or however that old saying goes.

As I mentioned, the Herbal Recovery range is designed to prevent or reduce early signs of ageing. In addition to that, the botanical infused formula will leave your skin feeling silky soft and glowing. I’ve been testing out the Advanced Serum*, the Day Cream* and lastly the Eye Serum* for the past few weeks and I’m a little obsessed. Not only do they smell delicious (I think that’s thanks to the marshmallow extracts), but they really deliver what they say on the tin. In particular the Advanced Eye Serum deserves an extra bit of hype here. I’ve noticed a huge difference in brightness of the skin around my eyes, as well as a reduction in those blasted dark circles.

I’ve just seen that there is a Herbal Recovery Deluxe Set and dare I say it… it would make a rather lovely Christmas present.