GIRL TALK: Coming off the pill, An Update

My, my, hasn’t this post been a long time coming. I wrote my first coming off the pill post back in November and promised to update you guys a few month on… Well were almost a year later, but never mind ay!

You can read the original post here, but just to give you a wee bit of back story, towards the end of last year I decided to come off the pill. After eight years of being on it, it was something that I was super nervous about doing, but something I felt would make a big impact on my mood, skin and general wellbeing.

So 10 months on, here’s the sitch…


Being on the pill for such a long time means that you’re not really sure if the way you behave is because of your crazy arse personality, or whether it’s a side effect of the pill. Over the years, I’d started to feel like a negative person and no matter what swung my way in life, I would still have this unsettling feeling of negativity that I just couldn’t shake. Within weeks off coming off the pill that feeling very quickly changed.

To the delight of the people around me I’m sure, I’m feeling way more cup half full these days. Heck, some days I’d even say I’m cup totally full! I feel way more content within myself and what I have and although I am forever lusting after something (usually a Gucci handbag), it doesn’t get me down like it used to. When I think about my pre-pill teenage years, my mood was pretty dictated by my monthly cycle and I would say the same pattern happens now. For the majority of the month I’m A-OK, but there is always that pesky week where I get a little tearful and could literally cry over split milk.


My skin has always been relatively clear. I get the occasional spot… now having said that you watch me get a great, big breakout! But yep, generally bar the odd bugger that appears, my skin is alright. The only thing I have noticed is that any breakouts I do have are definitely linked to my hormones. If I’m going to get any spots, they’ll pop up around my period, or just before a big event. Standard right?

So anyway, to fight back I recently picked up/stole from my mum, the Origins Super Spot Treatment. It comes in a teeny tiny bottle, but it packs a HUGE punch and I’d seriously recommend it to anyone. It will reduce and then get rid of blemishes quick smart.


This was a big one for me and something I was most worried about. For years I was convinced that being on the pill helped control my weight. This is all linked to my PCOS and something I went into a bit of detail on in the original post. I weigh myself weekly and have done since coming off the pill and so far, (touch wood) my weight hasn’t been affected. Any weight gain that has happened over the past few months would be down to excess alcohol or pizza consumption, so unfortunately I can’t really pin that one on coming off the pill.

Regardless of the pill, having a healthy lifestyle just means paying a bit more attention to what you put in your body. 80% of the time I eat healthy and then the other 20%, which usually falls into a weekend, I eat and drink what I want.

Next year I’ve set myself a goal weight, which I plan to reach just in time for my final wedding dress fitting. So just like anyone else on a diet, I’ll be lowering my carbs, putting down the prosecco glass and hitting the gym hard. If only there was a pill that could instantly give you your dream bod ay!


This links pretty heavily with the above, but I thought it was worth touching on hunger and cravings. In the first few months after coming off the pill, I couldn’t quite believe the difference in my appetite. It must have shrunk by half! I guess that makes sense, given that the pill makes your body think you’re pregnant and probably fancies eating for two, but I was really surprised. Don’t get me wrong, I can still make short work of a Dominos pizza, but I’m definitely less hungry in general.

The second thing I’ve noticed was the lack of sugar cravings. I’ve always had a bit of a sweet tooth and saying no to a chocolate or two (or five) wasn’t really in my nature. Well, I’m impressed to report that aside from the expected monthly cravings, I am nowhere near as transfixed on the sugary stuff.


One of the main reasons I went back onto the pill after a year of not, was to regulate my cycle. The last time I came off the pill, I didn’t get my period at all and it wasn’t until I went back on a year later that it decided to return. I was so paranoid that coming back off would mean that it would happen again and as much as nobody enjoys a period, there is something a bit unsettling about not having one.

To my amazement, the first month off the pill I got my period. 10 months on and although I’m by no means regular as clockwork, it does appear. Weirdly, after years of relying on an empty pill packet to remind me, I cant seem to get to grips with remembering a date, so I’ve been using a free fertility app called Glow to track my cycle. Glow is meant to be used for getting pregnant, but it’s spookily good at predicting the day you’ll come on, so I highly recommend it.

The final thing to mention is pains. While I was on the pill I used to get really bad headaches. There really was no way to predict the cause and I came to accept that it was just a part of me. Well I was wrong. These constant head aches disappeared just days after stopping the pill, it was a bit of a revelation tbf. However, they’ve gone but boy oh boy have period pains returned. I’d sort of forgotten what they’d felt like, but without fail, each month their back in full swing. But hey, it’s nothing a few Neurophens can’t tackle.

Overall coming off the pill has had a hugely positive effect on me. I also feel like anything negative that has returned is at least a natural reaction by my body and so the good points definitely out weigh the bad. Or perhaps that’s just my more positive outlook on life talking? Either way, I won’t be going back on the pill any time soon.

I also just wanted to say that while this is my story so far, it might not be yours. Our bodies are all so different and what works for me, might be completely different for you. The best thing to do is listen to your body, experiment with different options and roll with whatever works.

But i’d say that’s just about enough of the personal stuff for a while, let’s get back to talking about lipstick…