The Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette

More often than not, I haven’t got too much of a clue what’s going on in the world around me. Bar occasionally listening to the radio, I don’t watch normal TV and I barely read the news. This does mean that I tend to be one of the last in my family to know about any of the current affairs. Some people may think that this makes me a little narrow minded, but to be honest, I’m just not that into listening to the constant doom and gloom they push at us all daily. BUT ANYWAY, my point is, if ever get round to making it, is that despite my lack on general news knowledge, if there is a trend or some excitement going down in the blogosphere, I am front and centre babes.

As a blogger you’d have thought I might have developed some resilience to influencer marketing, but unfortunately, much like my alcohol tolerance, I just can’t seem to control myself. So when bright orange eye shadow started popping up on my Insta feed, championed by the style goddess, Megan Ellaby, I was on the hunt for my very own little point of orange goodness.

Well thanks to NYX the hunt was over within 2 mins of walking into my local Boots. Would ya just look at this beauty…

Packed with 16 highly pigmented shades, the NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette is a rainbow of amazingness. Not only did it have the orange shades I’d be lusting after, but it also had an array of pinks that I’d also been eyeing up. These shades definitely aren’t for the faint hearted and they’re a serious change from my usual bronzy tones.

Each shade is pretty pigmented, but if you’re after a softer, more subtle look, I’d recommend using a fluffy eye shadow brush. Equally if you want a serious pop of colour, apply with a primer. My personal fave is the Urban Decay Primer, it’s literally the best.

The NYX rainbow palette is perfect for stepping outside your makeup comfort zone and I’m completely addicted to it at the moment.