Wilderness Festival 2017

If you know me, you’ll know camping is definitely not my thangggg. In fact, the very idea of pitching a tent sends me into a slight panic attack. So when I drunkenly booked tickets to a festival with my BFF, I would by lying to say I wasn’t freaking out a little. But ladies and gents, I went, I smothered myself in glitter and you know what? I loved every minute of it.

Taking a look back at the pictures, I was slightly disappointed. I mean, taking a gander at Rosie Londer’s Champagne infused Wilderness snaps and scrolling through my rather tipsy array of photos…. Well, there was clearly no comparison. Mine were not so insta friendly shall we say. But you know what? I’m posting about Wilderness anyway, because it was a bloody incredible weekend and because sometimes, who cares if everything isn’t Instagram perfect. So this post isn’t my usual edited and slightly polished photos, it’s real snaps, of real girls, having a real good time.

Wilderness is a wellness festival, with amazing food, music, art and a whole loada’ yoga. It’s held around a beautiful lake, complete with a spa and hot tubs. It’s safe to say, Wilderness is not your average festival. On arrival, we pitched our tents as close to the lake as possible, adorned our butterfly wings and sh*t load of glitter and made a beeline for the festival gates.

As you might have imagined, the festival has a bit of a hippie vibe to it, so you can find all kinds of wonderful weirdness. We found ourselves, or so we were told, in a soul dance class and lost ourselves in a forest rave. We watched the sunset while listening to chilled out tunes and danced on the shoulders of strangers to Two Door Cinema Club. From one moment to the next, you just didn’t know what was waiting for you round the corner. For an organisation freak like me, I acclimatised to madness surprisingly well.

The following day, once again glittered up to the max, we spent a rather boozy afternoon at the Pimm’s Hoop Off. What the hell is a hoop off? Well, I’m not exactly sure… But you wear blazers, straw hats, drinks Pimms and talk in a proper good English accent old chap. I think the Pimms area deserves a bit of a shout out in general, as it was easily one of the coolest beverage places in the whole festival.

Four jugs later (easily done right?) and we were off to find some food. Being a veggie, I was a little concerned that I was going to be faced with a weekend of cheese and tomato pizza and greasy chips from the burger van, but boy was I wrong. It was literally some of the best food I’ve eaten in my life. From avocado on toast to green smoothies and truffle mac n cheese, the veggie choices were plentiful and mouth-watering. In fact, I’m feeling pretty peckish just thinking about it.

Again, unlike any other festival, alongside the takeaway style grub, Wilderness has banquet style feasts from dawn till dusk. These are like the feasts in the olden day movies, with course after course of amazingness, all accompanied by the perfect choice of wine. If you’re headed to the festival next year, just remember to book a spot, or you’ll be left drooling on the wrong side of the tent.

The only slight thing to mention here is the cost. Nothing worth having comes cheap and this is no exception. Both the drinks and the food are pretty expensive, so if you’re on a budget I’d recommend packing yourself a  picnic or two and make sure you take full advantage of the drinks allowance.

Aside from that, I’ve not got a bad word to say about it, so cheers to that!

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Yep the food was great, the music was cool and the daily dance, art and yoga were awesome. But as a first time festival goer and I’ll admit it, bit of a diva, I had some serious concerns about surviving through the inevitable grim.

Well obviously I survived, ta da. But actually the whole situation was a lot more bearable than I thought. The campsite is set in the most beautiful location and unlike some other festivals, it is relatively small and quiet. We each spent £30 to get access to the VIP toilet access, which I can’t recommend enough. It gives you access to clean toilets, with running water, lights, mirrors and toilet roll. Oh and not to mention a salon with hair straighteners and dryers!! The site also had hot showers and despite hearing horror stories, the queues were short and the showers we’re clean – well I wore flip flops in there, but it was definitely not filthy.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still be longing for a shower when you get through your front door, but based on what I’ve heard from friends who hit up Glastonbury each year, Wilderness is definitely one of the cleanest festivals in town.

So in short, Wildness 2017, you we’re wonderful.