To Dupe or Not To Dupe?

Now that is the question ay.

I’m a girl who bloody loves a designer purchase. From the packaging, right down to the quality of the product, the buzz you get from buying a designer piece is more than a little addictive. But like most of us, I have a budget and (as much as I wish otherwise) I have to choose my purchases wisely and that is when a dupe or two comes in handy.

It’s really not very hard to find a dupe on the UK high street these days. From replica Gucci tees to Chloe bags, if it’s the thing of the moment, you’re going to find something similar for about a 10th of the price. Some of the best places to look if you’re on the hunt is Zara, Mango, & Other Stories and Topshop. Some of their dupes are so close to the real thing, I wonder how they even get away with it.

So how do I decide which items to dupe and which to splash out on?

My guilty pleasure is a designer handbag… and usually a Gucci one at that. I can put my hands up and admit, I’m obsessed. But my thinking is, if you look after a bag it will last for years to come, but something like a jumper or a pair of shoes? Maybe not so much. I’ve been eyeing up a Bella Freud jumper for yonks. But even after all those years of lusting, for some reason I just can’t bring myself to hit ‘confirm order’ on a £300 jumper. Especially as I live with a boy who is notorious for shrinking all my clothes in the wash! Honestly, it’s quite a talent he’s developed. So for something that might not stand the test of time (or the bf’s washing talents), a dupe is definitely on the cards. Luckily for me, it just so happens that New Look have been creating a couple of jumpers that are a pretty good match.

As much as I love my designer bags, it’s almost impossible for us mere mortals to keep up with all the trends. First it was the Chloe Drew, then the Gucci Dionysus, next the Soho Disco and so on. So again, if you love a style, but you’ve already made an investment this season, finding a high street alternative isn’t going to take you too long and you can probably purchase it in multiple colours, guilt free. This summer I’ve been lusting after the new Chloe ring bag, but I was short about £1,150 smackers. Luckily I found something nearly identical at £1120 less…

For me, the key to deciding on whether to splash out or not is longevity and budget. If I was totally minted, I don’t think I’d care whether I’d be wearing it again in a few years time. However, if (like for most of us) the purchase is an investment, you want to make sure it’s classic enough to be worn time and time again. If not, then that’s the perfect opportunity to dupe it.


  • I love having a designer handbag and I see it as an investment – I’m quite happy to spend a few hundred on something if I’m going to use it for years to come. I love that Chloe dupe though! When it comes to clothes, I pretty much only buy from the high street because I feel I wouldn’t get enough wear out of designer pieces to justify the price x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

    • I love a handbag too, it’s all about how much use you will get out of something really x

  • I love good dupes when it comes to fashion items that I know are not going to be classic pieces. Such as tops and well mostly clothing item. Shoes I like to invest more as I need to be comfortable with them. And as for bags classic pieces well definitely splurge but when you know its a trendy piece maybe go for a high street one. All in all I am a fan of both luxury and dupe pieces.


  • These are great dupes, they look so similar

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • Definitely love a designer purchase but love a good bargain even more! The Mango bag is a perfect dupe! Love it.

    Anika xo |

  • I really love that mango bag *heart eye emojis all around* xxx

  • Yara Mel Rozaay

    Ohh yes the struggle. In this case I think the mango bag is even prettier! The red jumpers are literally the same thing :D

    Nice post!

  • Sometimes it’s better to buy the real deal and other’s it’s better to buy something that’s cheaper. Especially if it’s something that will be out of style very soon.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  • Ooh this is a toughie! Generally I just go by quality and what I think will last the longest, whether it’s the dupe or the real deal! I’ll admit though I’m a total bag snob, I find it difficult to go for high street ones now x

    What Josie Did Next

  • A few years ago, I would have been for dupes all the way, but since then I’ve come to realise that sometimes, items from high-end brands are the best way to go – when you want a timeless piece for example, that will last you ages, like a designer bag. However some items can clearly be swapped for dupes – I’m thinking about the infamous feminist Dior t-shirt, now you can find plenty of alternatives in the high street that won’t cost you as much (after all, it’s just a t-shirt).

    Julia x
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    • Just depends on the item really. Couldnt agree more :) x

  • Sometimes I actually prefer the dupe to the real thing haha – love the funday jumper!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Back in high school, I never mind dupes. But when I got into college and learned about what it’s like to be an artist, I did feel guilty buying dupes because I imagine if someone copied my work and sell it, it will really upset me.

    xx Alyssa // STYLE VANITY

    • eeeek, that’s true. I never thought about it like that x

  • I tend to splurge on accessories and I certainly have a weak point for them. As for the rest, it depends on how many times I’ll wear the item and what the occasion is.

    Have an awesome day!

    xx Kris

  • Can totally feel you on this one. I have some designer pieces and some dupes as well. Investing in bags is definitely worth it, but can’t say the same about shoes. They can get scratched and damaged pretty easy and it’s really frustrating. Also like the new Chloe bag, but not feeling eager to buying it xD. Wishing you a great week! xx


  • The Sunday Mode

    Yeah I completely agree, and for me when it comes to dupes I’m pretty much fine with dupes of styles that people won’t remember in a few years (if that makes sense) but I don’t really like when people go overseas and bring back very obviously fake classic LV bags and things like that…but that’s just me.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  • I’m thinking about the same thing as many other who commented. I can spent couple hundred euros for a handbag that I use for years, but I just can’t spent the same money for t-shirt that doesn’t last years and years. I’m ok with dupes but I’m not comfortable with fake ones.

    Heidi ✨ | Heidi’s Planner | Instagram

  • Yes! I think it’s important to also consider your style, lifestyle (like how many times you could possibly wear it comfortably), timelessness (because trends come and go so fast), and quality (not all designer handbags are made alike). ?