Nuxe Shimmering Dry Oil

Howdy beauts, how’s it going? I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful summer were having… *insert eye roll emoji here*. Seriously what’s going on England? I’m sitting here in a jumper, a pair of fluffy socks and to complete the look, a stinking cold. If I didn’t know it was August, I’d honestly believe autumn had arrived.

So in an attempt to sunshine up my days, I’m fully embracing summer skin. I’m talking a faux glow from my fave self tan and a whole loada’ sparkle courtesy of Nuxe’s Shimmering Dry Oil.

Nuxe Shimmer Dry Oil

It was my beauty addict mother who treated me to this golden beauty and I have to say, I haven’t put it down since. It’s accompanied me to New York, Disney World and even Wilderness Festival. The easiest way to describe it to you is like an instant skin makeover. It hydrates, adds a glossy sheen and last but not least, a subtle but oh so pretty sparkle.

It’s spray applicator makes it super easy to apply and considering the amount I’ve been using, it’s barely gone down an inch. A serious mutli-tasker, the Nuxe Oil is infused with botanical oils and a dreamy scent and has been designed to be used on the face, body and hair. The only negative thing I will say is that I’m not too keen on the feel of it in my hair. As much as a love hair oils, this seems to give a slightly odd texture to my hair. I like my locks to feel soft and product free and although it’s subtle, I can definitely tell this is in there.

Regardless of that, I would 100% recommend the Nuxe Shimmering Dry Oil and I think it’s the ultimate summer skin essential. Considering summer has done runner, us girls have gotta’ get our glow from somewhere right?