Peony Infused Hair Care

It’s pink, it’s instagrammable and it’s infused with peony, I’m thinking the guys over at Klorane had bloggers in mind with their latest hair care launch, what do you recon?

A little while back, I put together a few tips on achieving healthier hair, one of which was to upgrade your shampoo and conditioner. Philip Kingsley is often my go-to brand for super shiny locks, but after a few weeks of intense sunshine in the States, my hair needed a little TLC. Thankfully that is exactly what this new soothing range offers.

The Klorane Soothing Shampoo and Conditioner* are designed to nourish the scalp and add volume at the base of the hair. As you’d imagine, the formula smells divine… well, as long as you like peonies that is. It’s lightweight and washes out of the hair beautifully, which is always ideal, as there isn’t much worse than spending an age, removing thick shampoo from your hair. Especially when it’s as long as mine!

Both products have been created especially for people with sensitive skin. Every now and again if I’m not careful with my choice of shampoo and conditioner, I can get a mild case of dandruff. Now I know that I just said there isn’t much worse than removing thick shampoo, but actually there is. Spending ages washing, drying and styling your hair, just to check in the mirror and see freaking dandruff! So this treatment based formula is a lifesaver for anyone with a dry or sensitive scalp. According to Klorane, it’s the peonies themselves that give that magical soothing effect to the skin… who knew those beauties had a beauty special power? I always thought their superpower was looking incred on Instagram! I guess, every day is a school day right?