Getting Savvy With Summer Sales

In case you missed the memo, or the hundreds of emails flooding into your inbox, the summer sales have begun. This does always kinda’ weird me out considering it feels like summer has only just started, but who am I to complain? Discount summer clothes here I come. At the start of every season I always try to convince myself to nail the whole capsule wardrobe thing, but I just can’t resist the lure of new stuff. However with my wedding planned for next year, I’m trying to be a little bit sensible, so I thought I’d share some of my top tips on becoming a savvy shopper when it comes to hitting the sales.

I really don’t believe in asking yourself, “do I need this” before buying clothes. Unless you’ve run out of underpants, what item of clothing do you reallyyyy need. It’s more about want, and I think that is perfectly okay when it comes to fashion. The real questions are…

Will I wear this?

Funny isn’t it what a 50% off tag will do to a gal’s mind. That top I wouldn’t have ever picked up in a million years, suddenly goes in my basket. The bigger the discount, the greedier I get. Anyone would think I was making money – well after all, that is how I justify it in my head! So before getting too carried away, hold fire for a second, and think.. does this item go with your current wardrobe? Can you see yourself wearing it? If not, chuck it straight back into the mosh pit.

Would I buy this at full price?

Is there a better feeling than stumbling across something you nearly bought at full price and seeing it with a big, fat, juicy discount. ERM NOPE! It happened to me today in Urban Outfitters and I couldn’t get to the till fast enough. But just because a dress is reduced from £100 to £30, doesn’t mean you should automatically buy it. Don’t let the sale greed take hold, think if you actually love the item, and if you do… buy it, and if not? You know what to do girlie.

Can I afford this?

Now this is a question I don’t like either, partially cause the answer is usually no. I spend my life skint, cause I blow all my dollar on the first day of getting it. Self control levels = zero. But something I’m trying to teach myself is that you don’t need everything. Hit the sales by all means, but still cherry pick your favourite items. My Dad recently told me, you’re only saving money if you actually wanted it in the first place and as per usual, he was right.

Now all that being said, if you’ll wear it, love it and can afford it, get hitting those shops. Some of the best sales I have come across so far include Topshop, Manière De Voir and River Island.