The Benefits of Shopping For Designer Fashion Online

Shopping online is one of my favourite past times. Whether that’s cart dreaming (aka piling my digi-cart high with things I am never going to buy) or splashing the cash! Forget Google, ASOS should really be my home page considering the amount of times I frequent that site. I’m not joking when I say I’m on first name terms with the courier man…

The thing is, no matter how convenient or how much I do it *ahem* daily, nothing will quite live up to walking into a shop. Have you ever seen Confessions of a Shopaholic? That is me right there. I freakin’ love the shops. The way they make you feel, the way they smell, the clever merchandising and on and on. HOWEVER, the benefits of online shopping when it comes to a designer purchase can seriously outweigh that of buying in store.

Reasons to buy designer online:

1. Buying online gives you the chance to think and rethink about what you’re buying. Even with a glass of wine in hand, it removes that pressure and impulse of in store purchases

2. Research and reviews. Now I’m sure Frederick in the Prada store will give you a super honest opinion on that purchase you’re about to make (and he’s about to get a heap load of commission for), but wouldn’t your rather have a browse of what other people like you have to say? Before buying anything over the £200 mark, I like to do a little investigating and YouTube is one of the best places to do it

3. You get two waves of excitement. Not only is the moment you click ‘confirm order’ a total adrenaline rush, but when the dear old postman walks to your door with your purchase, you get hit with a second wave of ‘gimme gimme’ excitement

4. You can instantly try it on with a zillion different accessories/outfits in the comfort of your own home. This is one of my favourite things and when I recently received a beautifully packaged order from Stylewe, I had a great time testing out this gorgeous gingham number with about five different looks. I’d seriously recommend checking out their site for an amazing selection of unique designers… the ‘new in’ section is droll-worthy at the moment!

5. Lets not forget the packaging. Soz guys, I know I always love to bang on about packaging, but it makes such a difference! When my Gucci bag rocked up, the packaging was incredible. Even if you’re not into Youtube, it sort of makes you want to create an unboxing video to show off how pretty it looks. It’s like an adult game of pass the very exciting parcel

6. Finally, if it’s not all you dreamed it would be, you have the ability to return it without any hassle and without heading sheepishly back into the store and being faced with Frederick. Aint’ nobody got time for that.