Making It Big As A Blogger

If you’re a regular on Twitter, you might have noticed a bit of a shit storm happening around Sarah Ashcroft’s Cosmo article (you can read it here). Sarah gave a brutally honest interview on how she made it in the blogger bizz and how others can follow in her footsteps. While I’m not sure I’m particularly a fan of her views, I can’t say as I loved the way some bloggers were so quick to voice their equally as harsh opinions either. Regardless, this post is not about calling out either side, but it did make me think about something…

Is it still possible to make it big in the blogging business?

I often think to myself, if only I could go back to my uni days (about 6 blooming years ago now!!) and start up Tiffany Tales. It would have been so much easier to organically grow my blog and my social media channels, because there was literally nobody doing it. With cats, dogs and giant bunnies having larger followings than a blogger like me, what chance do I stand against some of these accounts with close to a million followers?

The honest truth is… probably not much. So you may think, why bother? And like Sarah rightfully said, you do have to be different to stand out and I’ve been questioning whether I am different enough? But I realised that although we may share similarities, we are all different. Yes we all love a good flat lay and who doesn’t want to snap up a pretty bunch of peonies, but it’s our personality and style that makes our feeds, blogs and YouTube channels unique to us. But…

Is being different, enough to ‘make it’?

It really depends what you’re doing this for. I started blogging to support my career in marketing, but I continued because I fell in love with it. Taking pictures, creating beautiful social channels and interacting with you lovely people makes me happy, so that’s why 2 years later I’m still here typing away. Take away my blog and I do feel (as much as I sometimes feel like throwing in the towel) I would have a huge hole in my life. So yes, I’d love to make it in the Blogging world and do this shindig full time (who among us wouldn’t?), but I create content because I love doing it, not necessarily to ‘make it’. If you don’t love it and you’re purely around to become Insta-famous and make a tonne of money, I think that is when it gets extremely disheartening. Because lets be honest, blogging isn’t as easy as it looks.

To play with the big boys and earn liveable money, you need a decent following. I’ve worked in marketing for the past 6 years and while many bloggers will tell you that brands don’t care about numbers, I can promise you that they do. Yes, I want someone to produce quality content for my brand and yes your followers need to be engaged, that’s a given. But what I really need is sales. And the higher your numbers, the better the rate of sales and really at the heart of it, that is what the world is all about. Just like in business, a brand expects a return on their investment. In the blogging world that could mean they require an SEO link, a Youtube review, a Tweet, an Insta story, the list of returns is endless. But the one thing that is certain is this, the bigger and better your following, the more brands, opportunities and dollar will come your way.

To get this huge following, they say it takes networking, A LOT of hard work and endless, quality content. However, there are so many beautiful blogs out there with less than 10K followers doing all of the above and some. In fact some of my faves have less than 5k, which just proves how bloody tough it is to get noticed. So as you can tell, I don’t really have an answer to my initial question, but my gut feeling is that is comes down to having talent and bags of Lady Luck.

What are your thoughts?