Gucci Loafer Dupes

In the last year we’ve all gone a bit Gucci mad? From the Soho Disco Bag, to the backless loafers and that lust-worthy belt, I for one have fallen head over heels for the iconic brand. While I’m all for making the occasional designer investment, there are others when I’m all up for a dupe or two. This is usually when the purchase is less timeless… aka fluffy, backless loafers!

Now you may have already heard all about these Gucci loafer dupes – there’s been a serious social media storm around them! But if not, listen up. The loafers are available from the very sassy Ego Official and are without a doubt the best pair of dupes I’ve ever set my eyes on. For just £25.00 these beauties look like real leather, have that gorgeous fluffy sole as well as pretty much everything you love about the Gucci pair (minus the logo). When you’re strolling through the streets, I guarantee that nobody would even know the difference.

Yes, having the real version of any designer product is always lovely, but if your bank balance doesn’t rival that of Beyoncé, we all need to make a little sacrifice here and there. Personally, I think having loafers in every colour for under £100 is a pretty lovely sacrifice.