Weekend Musings #3

This weekend went by so fast I didn’t even get a chance to sit down and put together a blog post! That might have something to do with the sun shining and (as us Brits do) I headed straight outside to enjoy it. However, it’s been a while since I brought you up to speed with my latest happenings… so much for my planned weekly posts ay!

Grab a cuppa and let’s catch up..

Quite a bit has happened in the last few weeks, including handing in my notice at work (yikes!) to starting up a little side venture and of course, catching the new Beauty & the Beast movie!

So let’s perhaps start with that last one, Beauty & the Beast. First up, I’m totally obsessed! Have you guys seen it yet? If not, you’ve got to head to your nearest cinema immediately. It will make you laugh and cry and there is something so nostalgic about watching that story on the big screen. I’m not entirely sure why Emma Watson is getting bad reviews, I actually thought she played the part brilliantly – let’s be honest she had some pretty big shoes to fill. Oh and I sort of fancied the beast, weird I know, but there is something about him! It’s one of those films that’ll have you heading home in search of the next Disney movie to watch – in fact that is exactly what I did.

The new job is something I’ve kept relatively quiet – well for me anyway! But as I’m starting in less than two weeks, I thought it was high time to spill the beans. I’m going to be working for the Australian tanning brand, Bondi Sands as their UK Brand Manager. You may have heard of them… their new Ultra Dark Bronzing Mousse is causing quite the storm and if you’ve seen the before and after shots, you’ll know why. As you can imagine I’m super excited and so ready to embrace a new challenge, new brand and not to mention a whole loada’ new self tan (insert heart eye emoji here). I’ve been slightly naughty and used it as the perfect excuse to do a rather large Kikki K haul, so I’ll be sure to share that with you shortly.

So back to that side venture I mentioned…

Over the past six months I’ve been busily working on an exciting new business project. I’ve set up a brand new marketing agency… Pretty Little Media. The agency offers a variety of content creation services from lifestyle imagery, ghost blogging and idea generation as well as blogger outreach.

Now you may be thinking that there are hundreds of similar agencies out there, so what’s so great about this one? Well the idea is that it has been started by a blogger, for bloggers. Working in marketing for coming up seven years, I’ve been amazed at the number of brand’s who have no idea about the benefits of reaching out to bloggers or how to even go about getting in touch. In fact some marketing managers would struggle to even name one blogger, yet they’ll insist upon carrying out a blogger outreach strategy. It’s crazy! So I wanted to bridge the gap between brands and the blogosphere, connecting brands to you guys and you guys to brands that you’re actually passionate about. If you’re interested in finding out more, there’s loads of info up on our website as well as a chance to join our Pretty Little Media Influencer Program. Oh and don’t forget to @ us over on Instagram and Twitter for a RT/Regram!

Lastly I’ve been having a bit of clear out and declutter and I’ve popped a couple of bits up on my eBay channel (including some Miu Miu sunnies) if you fancy a snoop.