Top Shows To Binge-View on Netflix

Since getting engaged we’ve been trying to save some money for the wedding, so movie nights and Netflix sessions have become a weekend staple. However, the TV is one department in the house that could definitely do with a major update! The bf has got his eye on this baby… the Panasonic Ultra HD 4K TV – for obvious man point reasons.

So seeing as Netflix and (actually) chill has become my new cocktails and dancing shoes, I thought I’d share with you a few of my must-watch series recommendations.

So first up let’s talk chick series. Netflix is absolutely filled with them and I’ve probably watched them all. Deciding on a fave is tricky business – sort of like choosing between chocolate or wine… practically impossible! So here’s two to add to your must-watch list… Gossip Girl and Gilmore Girls. Completely different vibes and Gossip Girl definitely has a hell of a lot more sex, drugs and scandal, but both will have you completely addicted. Be warned though, there is a serious amount of style packed into Gossip Girl and it may lead to an instant wardrobe update.

Now I’m not really into horror, but sometimes I do like to watch something that airs on the side of creepy. So if you fancy something a little bit mysterious, I’d definitely recommend checking out either the OA or Stranger Things. Both are a Netflix Original and both had me gripped to the edge of my seat. The OA definitely isn’t as creepy as Stranger Things, with no real monsters (well, no fantasy monsters at least) jumping out at you. I’d say it’s probably my favourite of the two, it’s just one of those shows that’ll have you debating in the office about what the hell is actually going on and what you’d do if that were to happen to you.

If you’re into the whole vampire vibe, then they’re two series that you’re going to be OBSESSED with. The first is Vampire Diaries and the second is the VD spin off, The Originals. Both are chocka-block with action, seriously HOT actors and a drama-filled story line. You’ll laugh, you’ll hide behind a cushion, you’ll cry and if you’re anything like me, you’ll fall in love with Damon or Stephan (or maybe even both!).

Finally an in-betweener for you. A little bit girly and a little bit scary… you’ve probably guessed it, I’m talking about Pretty Little Liars. This is one of the only ‘chick series’ my bf has genuinely enjoyed. I started watching it years ago and then (as you do with normal TV) sort of lost the plot. It’s about a group of girls that are essentially getting blackmailed by an anonymous person, threatening to reveal their secrets. That description really doesn’t do it any justice and in fact, I think I’ve made it sound slightly naff! But trust me this series is anything but. I mean for those of you who’ve watched it… the Doll’s House episodes… OMFG! If I was a critic, Pretty Little Liars would definitely be getting 5 stars.

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