Vegetarian rant alert

This is a bit of a random post and topic for me, as I’m not normally one to harp on about the fact I’m vegetarian, but today, I just felt the need to get something off my chest.

Now, I’ve been vegetarian my entire life – okay, minus a small blip where I drunkenly ate pepperoni off my friend’s pizza once or twice, but, I very much believe that the choice not to eat meat is my own, just like the choice to eat meat may be yours. Each to their own and all that. However recently, I’m finding that some of the questions I’m getting asked are just ridiculous. With the rise in popularity of Deliciously Ella and the huge trend for vegan restaurants, I thought the days of silly remarks would be well behind us. Alas, sadly not, and so I thought I’d share with you some of these oh so intelligent questions.

Wait… so you don’t eat meat? How is that possible?

If I had a pound for every time I’ve been asked that! Well considering I’ve made it to 26, I guess surviving on a vegetarian diet is entirely possible. Who’d have thought!

Would you eat meat if you were stuck on a desert island?

Another classic. I’m pretty sure people have eaten people in desperate situations before. So yes, maybe I would, but I’d probably eat you first for asking the question.

You’re really missing out.

More of an absurd statement than a question I guess. I sometimes wonder if people forget that it’s a choice? I don’t actually want to eat meat! If I did, I would. Free country!

I couldn’t ever be a vegetarian. I don’t like salad.

Do you really think that we survive solely on salad? We also don’t just eat beans, lentils and drive around in a hippie van all day. Sorry to destroy your stereotype, but there are plenty of amazing foods that do not include meat. Who knew!

What?! You’ve never eaten bacon?!?!?!?!?

This is always met by a face of utter disbelief. Personally, I’ve never thought the idea of pig fat was that appealing. Sure it smells good, but so does chocolate. I think I’ll stick with that.

Can’t you just pick the meat off?

If there was rabbit poop in your food, would you mind picking it out and eating what was left? Nope, didn’t think so.

Where do you get your protein from?

Nobody cares about your protein intake until they find our your veggie, but just so you know, whole grains, nuts, soy, dairy, eggs and more all have stacks of protein. So I think I’ll survive. 

Now after saying all this, I’ve never minded questions from those that are genuinely interested in my decision, but 9/10 of the things I’m asked are just plain stupid. On the flip side, I know that there are those super annoying vegetarians who jump up on their soapbox and try to make meat-eaters feel like bad people. So if you’re one of those types, please pack it in. You’re giving us veggies a seriously bad rep.

Well hopefully that’s my rant done for another 26 years.


  • JacLou

    Well said! I find that people who eat meat tend to be on the case of us veggies. I don’t know why as like you I don’t stand on a soap box.

  • I’m not a veggie myself but gosh, this must do your head in!! xx

    Lucy x |

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    I’m a proud vegetarian and love your stance! The rabbit poop analogy was so good, haha ;)

    Edye |

  • Haaa, I love your response to the desert island question

    19 by Chance | 1415