Reflecting On 2016

2016 is over and it’s safe to say, it’s been an interesting one. From crazy politics and Donald Trump’s tan to that laughing Chewbacca lady, this year will definitely go down in history. But aside from all the newsworthy drama, on a more personal level 2016 has been a pretty great one. So, as is custom just before a new year, I feel a little reflection is in order.

Travelling To Far Away Lands

One of the best things about my job is that it allows me to travel the world and 2016 really has been one big adventure. From France and Vienna right through to sunny Sydney, I don’t think I’ve managed to spend more than eight straight weeks here in the UK.

Discovering new cities and cultures is always amazing, but my favourite part about travelling is meeting new people. This may sound a little twee, but there really is so much love in this world. All we ever hear about in the news is hate and this puts off so many people from exploring what’s out there. But from my experiences this year, I have uncovered so much passion, excitement, love and kindness from all corners of the globe. You really shouldn’t believe everything you hear or read.

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open”.

He Put a Ring On It!

Hell yeah he did! After ten years of friendship and a series of on and off relationships, he finally popped the question. Now I won’t give you too many details, but I will tell you this… he kept it sweet, simple and absolutely perfect. How do I know he’s the one? Easy really, it’s the moment home goes from being a place to a person. So it looks like 2017 will be full of Pinterest boards, wedding planning and a serious SOS diet plan.

Home Sweet Home

Back in December 2015, we bought our very first home. You’ll probably recall it if you’ve been reading my blog since then because well.. I didn’t stop going on about it! A year later and my love for this place has only grown… alongside my obsession for Oliver Bonas and Anthropologie. Next year I am planning on putting together a series of room tours, so stay tuned.

Beauty Highlights

2016 has been quite the year for amazing launches hasn’t it? Now I’m not about to start re-reviewing everything, but I thought I’d do a quick shout out to my top beauty picks for 2016…

A Final Note

With every year that passes, a little pondering on what next year will bring is only natural. To be honest I’ve not really put too much thought into what I want out of 2017. So rather than a list of bullshit resolutions I definitely won’t keep, how about a few goals instead.

  1. Get fit. Yeah I know it’s totally cliché, but with a wedding on the way, surely there is no better motivation to get my butt in shape?
  2. Save money. I’ve always had a few issues defining the difference between want and need, but next year I’ve decided to get my finances and priorities in order. 2017 is going to be the year when my bank account is finally fuller than my wardrobe… well that’s the plan anyway.
  3. Make new friends. As you get older making new friends is a tricky and time-consuming business! I want to dedicate some time getting to know new people and hopefully forming new friendships along the way.
  4. Tiffany Tales. Blogging is a funny old thing, one day you can’t wait to create a post and then next you’re on the verge of packing it in all together. It’s the nature of the beast I’m afraid. I can openly admit that I’d love to blog full time, but I know that I do not have nearly enough time to dedicate to this little patch of cyber space to make it a reality. So my goal with Tiffany Tales is a simple one, stick with it and take every opportunity that comes my way. 2016 brought a huge improvement in terms of traffic, engagement and subscribers and not to mention a number of exciting brand collaborations. All I can hope is that 2017 brings more of the same.

So it’s almost time to put 2016 to bed, so I hope however you’re spending today it is wonderful and let’s bring in the new year in style.


Happy New Year. Xx