The Ultimate Party Tan

The start of December means one thing… Christmas is on its way and the party season is upon us. We’re only a few days in and I think I may have already drunk my way through one too many bottles of bubbles! With so many festive gatherings planned, finding the right attire can sometimes be a tricky business. But if there is one thing that never fails to perfectly accessorise my look, it’s the golden glow of James Read’s Instant Bronzing Mist.

james read instant bronzing mist

One of the best things about this spray, okay actually scrap that, there are two amazing things about this spray…

Firstly the colour: Always the most important when we’re talking about tan right? In the middle of December, deep bronze skin is probably going to look a little out of place (especially on my porcelain skin tone). But this mist offers a  lightweight finish that gives you a subtle and very natural glow. And if you want to go darker, simply whack on another layer. The mist features a brand new technology called Tantone. This essentially makes sure that the colour perfectly matches your natural skin tone. Clever ay!

Secondly, the application: Applying self tan can be notoriously hard work… like how the hell are you meant to tan your back without a little help? Well this super-fast drying tanning mist has a unique 360 degree nozzle, allowing you to tan your back, legs, arms, no boyfriend required.

The only thing you need to watch out for is overspray. Let’s just say, I wouldn’t apply this in my mum’s white bathroom! So just before you want to tan, either throw down a dark towel, or simply apply in the shower.

If you’re on the hunt for a winter tan that will complete your sparkling Christmas outfit, I’d definitely recommend picking up a can and giving it a go for yourself.