72 Hours In Dublin

As jobs go, mine does have a fair few perks. Not only is it in the beauty industry, which means I get to spend my days surrounded by the products I love, but I’m also lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel. Now the only thing about travelling for work, while it’s always a fantastic opportunity… there often isn’t time for any of the touristy bits. So when it comes to creating a vlog or travel guide for you lovely lot, it can be a little tricky.

However, on my last trip to the lovely city of Dublin I did manage to vlog the entire trip. As always this was a pretty food heavy trip, in fact the video has almost turned into a Dublin restaurant guide! But seriously, if you’re in the area and love a good spot for brunch, I can’t recommend checking out Eathos café enough. I’m still dreaming of that place.


So anyway, before I go off on another tangent, here’s the link to my little vlog of my 72 hours in Dublin.