Beauty Swap w/Edition EmmaGrace

If you’re a regular reader, you may have heard me mention my lovely friend, Emma from Edition EmmaGrace. We started our blogging journey together just over a year ago and having both just joined the world of YouTube, we thought it was high time for a collaboration.


Each month we’ve decided to create two videos. I’ll be posting one up over on my YouTube channel and other will be up on Emma’s. As of yet, we are going to keep the theme quite open, so you might find us chatting about beauty or our favourite recipes or maybe even a vlog or two. We want to wait and see what you love watching before we rule any topics out!

Today’s video is a YouTube classic… we’ve gone for a beauty swap. Both being self-confessed beauty addicts, we’ve been busy swapping our beauty finds and tips for past 10 years (we’ve just never sat down and filmed it before). This beauty swap features mainly cult buys and a little seasonal newness. So if you love the video, let us know and we can make it into a more regular feature.

The second video I mentioned is a (rather giggly) Q&A where you can get to know us just a little better. So if you fancy seeing more of us, just head over to Emma’s channel and hit play. We hope you enjoy and as always, thanks for watching!