June Favourites

You may have noticed that I’ve let my ‘monthly favourites’ posts slide a little. I’ve put this down to the lack of enjoyment in writing them, but really I think it’s because I’ve been wanting to create them in a slightly different format.

June Faves 3a

Firstly it was the timing that bugged me. I’ve been getting so stressed out about scheduling posts at same time every month. Considering it’s meant to be a roundup of what I’m into that month, why does it matter what date it’s posted? So with that in mind, I’ve decided to throw the sacrid blogging book out the window and go rouge… I’m posting my June favourites mid-month guys!

Secondly, it’s that different format I mentioned. I have been dying to start up a Tiffany Tales YouTube channel for some time. So given that little speech I made last week about embracing every opportunity, I thought why not create my June favourites as a YouTube video? So without further waffle, here it is…

Now my channel is finally up and running, the plan is to post new content at least once a week – although don’t go holding me to that! But anyway, feel free to subscribe and thanks for watching.